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“When a war starts, the first victim is the truth”: In conversation with Omar Mohammed, the ‘Mosul Eye’

Scoffed and silenced for asking too many questions as a child under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, historian Omar Mohammed often found himself waiting to be an adult, questions boiling inside of him. With music being banned, infrastructure bombed and questions silenced, Omar faced the harsh reality of his beloved city of Mosul being torn up right before his eyes. In June 2014, days after the invasion of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), ‘Mosul Eye’ was born. The blog, deta

Two arrested for the alleged rape of a young girl in Manipal, police investigation underway

MANIPAL: A young girl has accused two people of allegedly forcing her into a lodge and sexually assaulting her on March 17, in Manipal. As confirmed by the Additional Superintendent of Police (Additional SP) over a telephonic conversation, the two accused, identified as Jagdish Bovi and Ganesh Mallya of age 24 and 26 respectively, were arrested on March 25 by the Manipal Police in accordance with the FIR filed by the victim on March 23. They remain in police custody with ongoing investigations.

Fake news, sting operations and digital media—in conversation with Shweta Kothari

Shweta Kothari, Managing Editor of The Logical Indian and experienced journalist, reached out to the minds of the student audience at a talk on ‘Digital Media as a Source of Information’ on February 20 at Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC). The talk was part of Article-19, MIC’s flagship media event. Being a former news anchor and senior correspondent for NewsX, her experience in the field of journalism and digital media served as insight on the importance of true and factual news, as wel

A Rare Blood Type and an Operation: KMC Doctors Perform First Bloodless Surgery

MANIPAL: Dr. Kiran Acharya, a professor of orthopaedics, and his team at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, performed a blood less surgery, on what could possibly be the first case of a ‘pp’ blood group or ‘P null’ phenotype patient being identified in India, earlier this summer. The Blood Bank at Kasturba Hospital received samples from the patient who required urgent blood transfusion after a femur fracture and an open wound. The doctors, however, were unable to find a compatible blood unit ev

From Tickets to Smiles, the 'Joy of Giving' Week Rings High in the Cinemas

Manipal: Volunteer Services Organization (VSO) conducted the Daan Utsav events this year from October 2-8 while it marked its second event from School of Communication (SOC) on Saturday, October 6. The event was organised by a small but dedicated team of students from SOC volunteering for VSO, comprising of Rishita Agarwal, Vaishnavi Karnik, and Gandhalii Tillu, along with considerable help from the faculty coordinator, Praseed Nair, and the Director of SOC, Dr Padma Rani. The housekeeping staf

Anomaly- Day Twenty-Five of NaPoWriMo

I saw you painting your suns on a gloomy day And it left me unsettled What were you thinking Were you Thinking at all? Listen to what the walls speak of, plenty of what’s heard, much of what’s misplaced. Misplaced Where had I lost you? Or was it just All your doing? Listen close, very close, and their whispers just might fill you too, with a glimmer of that light that had once been there. But today you left me wondering, would I ever let your scarred

Christmas Countdown: 'Tis the Full Belly Season –

With the season of all things sweet and savoury, just around the corner, here’s a little something about the numerous mouth-watering Christmas traditions followed around the world. A true joy for all food lovers, Christmas in the various parts of the world comes with its unique surprises and delicacies. The traditions of Christmas in the North Americas are those that have been glorified by popular culture for decades. The lush green Christmas tree dressed with colourful decorations is placed i